Red Cabbage Indicator – by Cana (age 9 and three quarters)

Making the pH scale out of things you have at home

In this picture we are pouring red cabbage water into a jug which we made by boiling a red cabbage and adding three cups of water in. Red cabbage dye was actually used in chemist’s laboratories for them to use instead of litmus paper until it was available.




In the next step we placed eight cups on some white paper (other colours won’t work, you’ll soon see why,)and then we labelled the ingredients we put in a cup. Then we poured 100 ml of cider vinegar into the first cup, and another 100 ml of water into the other cups, we also put a table spoon of vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, lemon juice…, into the leftover seven cups.


In this picture we are putting 5.0ml of the red cabbage water into the cups with a syringe. We knew it would be easier to do it in a syringe because it would be a lot quicker than a measuring jug or cup.


After adding the red cabbage water, this is what the cups looked like, and we didn’t just put completely different liquids in there!

Then we arranged them into the pH scale,


Just so you don’t have to scroll up and down to see the difference, we put the beginning and end pictures together and here it is:


before and after.jpg


    What do you think?


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