Dreaded Spellings

New school term here and Jude, age 7, is just going into year 3. I was so discouraged on giving him a spelling test to find that he’s practically forgotten everything he did last term. Sigh. He really struggles with remembering. It is unfortunate that Cana is like her father and has an almost photographic memory. Jude takes after me and well, I gave Cana some lines the other day and after she’d copied the same sentence fifty times, I realised I’d spelt one of the words incorrectly – ironically, the word was ‘inappropriate’. So no, spelling isn’t my thing either.

Chatting with a friend whose son is dyslexic, she mentioned she used a more kinaesthetic approach to his spellings which reminded me that we used to do this back when Jude was first learning to write. Now he’s a confident writer I had abandoned this and he just uses the ‘look, say, cover, write’ method to do his spellings. Clearly this has not been working and you know what they say about doing the same thing and expecting different results…

So, out came the old shaving foam and Jude started practising his spellings on the coffee table:

Shaving foam spelling practice

Shaving foam spelling practice

And then we dug out the sand tray:

Sand tray spellings

Sand tray spellings

This morning I tested him on his spellings and he got the first perfect score I think he’s ever had. We were both delighted. I set him a new lot for the week and he said, “Mummy, can I drum my spellings today?” I said, “Yep!” So he sat down at his homemade, Captain America, drumkit and started singing his spellings. I wonder how many creative ways of doing his spellings he’ll be able to come up with.

Drummed spellings

Drummed spellings


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