Forge Mill Needle Museum and the Abbey – by Cana (age 7 and a half)

Jude and his friend, Elizabeth in their costumes.

Jude and his friend, Elizabeth, in their costumes.

I went to a needle museum, with Mummy and Jude. All the children had to dress-up as people, from the Victorian times. And we went into a place called The Scouring Mill and there we had to clean the needles. You couldn’t be rich and go to the scouring mill, you had to be very poor .There was also a lady called Mrs Boldon, she was very important. Her real name was Debbie, because she was just acting, we were doing a sort of play. First we put all the needles into the evening tray, there would be about 500 needles and the evening tray would only be around two twelve inches wide and twenty inches long! We shake the tray so that all the needles have their points to the ground and the flat parts nearly at the at top .My favourite part was when we did the second set because it had a thing called putty powder and there was olive oil ,and I put olive oil in my hair! The girls wore white hats with lace at the end that went round the whole hat. The boys wore brown or grey caps.

Getting ready to go excavating.

Getting ready to go excavating.

In the afternoon we went to a ruined Abbey. And we wore hard hats, police men jackets, rucksacks and in them we had a cumpas, a tape measure, magnifying glass. My favourite part was, well I liked all of it because, I felt like a real explorer. I had to find a mark in stone and it was a cross, mosaic tiles and the night stairs, the night stairs are called the night stairs because that’s where the monks went to their bedrooms.


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