Writing by myself! By Jude (age 5 and a half)

One of the most rewarding things about homeschooling is watching your child begin to express themselves in writing, just for the fun of it. I noticed that Jude was becoming more confident with his writing as I started finding notes around the house like this…

Back in February I gave both the older children a notebook for Valentines day so we could write notes to each other…DSC_1375

Cana, at 7, has enjoyed this but Jude has not been so forthcoming. He wrote me one note…DSC_1376

…but mostly, the pages in his notebook are being filled with pictures like this…DSC_1381

The other day he wrote me a letter all about his nightmare – “To Mummy this is my bad dream it is about Gruffalo child. The mouse was running from the fox and I was in it and the fox thought I really wanted the mouse and the fox thought that I was the mouse. Love Jude.”DSC_1378

And then one all about cake… “I had cake I had coffee cake it tasted like chocolate cake I like coffee cake I don’t know why Love Jude”DSC_1379

Then one just telling me he loves me with a ring of the hug bell in the middle (As I always complain my husband doesn’t hug me enough he bought me a bell to ring whenever I wanted one for Valentines day. The children use it regularly.) “I love you mummmy ring ring, Oh time for a hug and why are you scared of dogs? Love Jude”DSC_1380

When he writes independently his spelling and his handwriting are not as good as they are in a structured activity, but that’s very normal for young children. The important thing is that he is writing, and all by himself! Yesterday I stooped to pick up what I thought was litter on the living room floor, a scrap of cardboard. When I turned it over it was in fact a story that Jude had written for his cousin! It’s a little hard to follow as he had no lines but he is quite clear about what he has written… “Once upon a time there was a tiny fairy it woke up it went to Tinkerbell but it got lost but Tinkerbell found her and she took her back to Pixie Hollow and they lived happily every after but a fairy knocked on the door and Tinkerbell opened the door. The End of Part 1.”DSC_1374

One proud mummy!


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One response to “Writing by myself! By Jude (age 5 and a half)

  • Anita Jones

    I must get one of those hug bells! I really like the way that your children (and mine too) write when they feel like it , not when they’re told to. Who has ideas for writing at 9.35 on a Monday morning ? At school we expect children to fit in with our timetable ( like automatons) but when do we fit in with theirs?

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