Sky (by Cana, age 7)

Sky is a nice dog, she sometimes lickes me and she sits when she sees I have a treat in my hand . we got sky from the rspca and we saw her on the computer and me and Jude liked her first and we asked Mummy and Daddy if we could get her. Mummy wanted a husky and Daddy wanted a German-Sheperd but when they saw what breed she was she was a Husky and a German – Sheperd so we got her.

Now, after a bit I was allowed to hold the lead and one day when we didn’t know she pulled on our road she just started to pull and Mummy started to have to be a bit stern . So , me and Mummy had to both be a bit stern on her , and we had to do it ever since. Now , one Wednesday I was holding the lead and she was hardly pulling at all!!

When we took Sky to the vet the vet had to feel on her tummy and I thought he was going to lift her up by her back legs! And Mummy had to hold Sky s mouth shut while the vet opened the side of her lips to look at her teeth. I felt happy that we have a new dog!



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