Our visit to West Midlands Safari Park by Cana, Jude and Mummy

Daddy took a picture of the cammel’s  bottom,  and Daddy  said its  funny how they bend their  knees because they sort of bend up in the air  behind them.(Cana)

The camos wo sdadig stil like stachoos.(Jude)

Mae and daddy  looking  at the elephants, Mae was saying “esants” (Cana)

We sor elfts the wos ilechic wiys so the elfnf codt get posd. (We saw the elephants there was electric wires so the elephants couldn’t get past – Jude)

Me feeding the Addax, when I  was feeding the Addax it felt all nibbly and it made me pull my hand back.(Cana)

Wen we saw the adacx I wos a tiny bit  sgerd. (Jude)

When Jude saw this picture he said,“Woah, that bijarf is really big – it look s bigger than a monster!” (Mummy)

When the giraffe licked Daddy he said “Urrh, my entire hand has been licked”(Cana)

I saw a ugly oschich at the sfrye prk.(Jude)

When we went to the safari park we saw an ostrich and it did a wee and a poo.(Cana)

We went on a pingoo rid.(Jude)

Despite all the exotic animals the children were still very impressed with seeing a Pingu ride.(Mummy)

We saw pengwins.(Jude)

The penguins had webbed feet so they could swim very well.(Cana)

The sea lion jumped up to a ball that was very high.(Cana)

The see liuns wuu very clevu.(Jude)

Jude said, “I didn’t like the snake because I saw that it didn’t have eyes or a nose or a mouth.” Cana said, “I didn’t like the snakes either. I was interested  because they shedded their skin but I didn’t like that snake’s colour.”(Mummy)

We saw the aligator and the crocodile and the crocodile was playing with a light. (Cana)

We were looking at the fish. (Cana)

We talked about why it was dark in that room, because not much sun can come down through all the trees in the rainforest.(Mummy)

Jude said he liked the alligator and the crocodile best because “they were standing still and there was glass in front of them”! The day after our visit the children drew a picture of their favourite animal and Jude drew a crocodile. (Mummy)

Yay, a smile at long last from Jude who had been asking to go on the train ever since we got there. I asked him to write a sentence about being on the train but unfortunately he wrote…

We went  on the tran and I wos a bit nuvus. (Jude)

He clarified that he was only nervous because we had to go past some more animals, he did actually like being on the train, expecially as it was red. Poor Jude did not really enjoy our Safari Park trip. We’ll try again next year.

Addax by Cana

Crocodile by Jude


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