Owl Paintings (Acrylic on board)

Following on from our visit to the falconry centre where we saw lots of owls too, we decided to have a go at painting some. I was inspired by seeing some great paintings on someone else’s blog:  www.sleepyheaddesignsstudio.blogspot.com  First we had a look on the internet at some folk-style owl paintings.

Jude liked a papier-mache one with flowers on it. I know, this boy is truly in touch with his feminine side – not only does he prefer the part of Tinkerbell when doing Peter Pan role-play but he has started to complain if he feels his shorts and t-shirt don’t match! In fact, the other day, Cana came downstairs and I complemented her on her matching outfit and she told me, “Jude chose these”. It makes me smile as my younger brother is very similar, he will notice if I’m wearing something new or changed my hair before my football orientated, ‘blokey’ husband does. Jude has been extremely aware of shape since he was tiny so I have always thought he would be artistic. He used to bite into biscuits when he was two and see pictures in the shape left, he would hold it up and say, “Look, a dog,” or “Look, a boat” and when you looked you could totally see what he meant. Once, he jumped up from the potty and announced in delight, “I done a cwistmas tree!” Sure enough, there it was.Cana saw a really pretty pink owl painting she loved, a very typical girl.

When we had a few pictures of owls we liked the children drew their own owls on to a piece of board and then outlined them in black acrylic. Jude drew his picture in thirty seconds and had done his outline while Cana was still slowly drawing hers. She is a perfectionist and likes to get things perfect. Neither of them had used acrylics before but they are used to using brushes and poster paints and acrylics are easier because you can layer them up, ideal for hiding smudges or mistakes. Then the children chose their colours and filled in  the outline and the background. I didn’t let Jude mix any colours as I know what he’s like with toothpaste so he told me what he wanted and I mixed it for him. I mixed Cana’s at first but she was quickly able to do her own. It was loads of fun sitting with them and watching them paint. They absolutely loved it, Jude kept saying, “This is fun Mummy.” By the time they’d finished one layer the paint was dry enough to put a second layer on top and then we left the painting overnight as we ran out of time. Today we finished them, Jude just had to re-do his black outline and Cana also added a few patterns on top of her owl. Two lovely owls!

Jude’s original drawing


Filling in the outline

Cana working carefully on her owl painting

Owl by Jude (age 4)

Owl by Cana (age 6)


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