Visiting the Falconry Centre in Hagley, by Cana (FINALLY I’m 6!) and Jude (age 4 and a half)

This was such a great afternoon even though it kept raining.  Cana and Jude have both asked to go back there already and they only went last week. I wasn’t sure how good it would be but as they have to fly the birds every day then you definitely get to see some falcons fly and the man who runs it was so brilliant. He even went and got a baby snowy owl out and said the children could stroke it although it was rather hideous and they both declined. Anyway, Judey-boy did his second blog (his spelling has definitely improved since the last one – he has learned to spell ‘the’for a start!) and Cana is improving with her use of commas. The children also both drew their favourite birds, Ellie the bald Eagle and Socs the falcon. Enjoy.


We sor ely the egl. We sor socs. We sor the baby snoe al. socs at a baby chic.


There was a small owl at the folkunre center. It  was four like Jude. There was a Golden Eagle and it was very big, there was only one bird bigger. App was very pretty and she was a folcon. And how she churped went peep, peep, peep. Daisy and Oscar were vultures, Daisy came to say hello. Nugget was kind of cute and he was standing on a stand  tied up  next to another Golden Eagle. There was a asian brown wood owl and he had very big eyes, Jude was scared. Ellie was my faveret bird because she had nice coulours and she had a pretty name.

Socs (short for Socrates)

Ellie the Bald Eagle

The lovely Ellie in the background

Watching App eat some dead chick – it’s the circle of life kids.


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