Our visit to Newcastle – by Cana (age 6-next-week)

I went to Newcastle  to Uncle Mark’s house. We went to the park, and I made a new friend called Carmer, on the way back Uncle Mark gave me a shoulder-ride. When we got home Auntie Magdalena came in from work, I was a bit shy at first  but then I got braver because she was a nice lady. I was stirring the pancakes for her. (this is breakfast) Me and Jude had dippe eggs with soildyers and bacon and cqcombers and tomarto. After breakfast we went to the beach, I went in Uncle Mark’s car. Mummy made a car and Auntie Magdalena made a heart in the sand.

building a sandcastle

Uncle Mark and Auntie Magdalena













We splashed in the waves and we started to  walk up the  road we found a little park can we go in the park? Yes you can Cana and Jude, said Mummy, there was a slide and a little digger that turned round and a hypnotic eye.

Jude on the digger













We had some chips then we went to Caron’s house and I met Antonia and Skye and we played a zoo-game. On the way back we saw the Angel of the north. The Angel of the north is huge and is amazing.

Jude’s drawing of The Angel of the North


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