Patterns in the Park (by Cana age very-nearly-6 and Jude age 4 yrs, 5 mnths)

I’m so proud of my boy who typed his first blog just before he tucked into his fishfingers tonight. I did help him by telling him to press the space bar when he’d finished a word, and telling him about a full-stop, but all the ‘sounding-out’ is original, as you’ll be able to tell.











we pic sm flawuws   ven we     pt vm in a sjat lin. (We picked some flowers then we put them in a straight line – Jude)









We picked some reeds, then we put them on the ground sticking out-wards to make a sun and we took a picture. (Cana)











We mad a luliy at ov sics. (We made a lion out of sticks – Jude) Actually, I think they said it was a tiger’s tail because it was stripy, but it’s turned into a lion in his funny little head obviously.











Me with my art,I got some short reeds and put them straight on the ground and picked some daisy’s and put them round the reeds. (Cana) I know she has used an apostrophe incorrectly but she wrote ‘daisys’ first and then realised it didn’t look right. We will have to do a proper lesson on the correct usage soon.











I mad vat patun. (I made that pattern – Jude)











J foo jude. (J for Jude – Jude)











Me and  Jude with feathers, we found them and dipped them in the water then we brushed them and put them in cracks on dry mud. (Cana)



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