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Patterns in the Park (by Cana age very-nearly-6 and Jude age 4 yrs, 5 mnths)

I’m so proud of my boy who typed his first blog just before he tucked into his fishfingers tonight. I did help him by telling him to press the space bar when he’d finished a word, and telling him about a full-stop, but all the ‘sounding-out’ is original, as you’ll be able to tell.











we pic sm flawuws   ven we     pt vm in a sjat lin. (We picked some flowers then we put them in a straight line – Jude)









We picked some reeds, then we put them on the ground sticking out-wards to make a sun and we took a picture. (Cana)











We mad a luliy at ov sics. (We made a lion out of sticks – Jude) Actually, I think they said it was a tiger’s tail because it was stripy, but it’s turned into a lion in his funny little head obviously.











Me with my art,I got some short reeds and put them straight on the ground and picked some daisy’s and put them round the reeds. (Cana) I know she has used an apostrophe incorrectly but she wrote ‘daisys’ first and then realised it didn’t look right. We will have to do a proper lesson on the correct usage soon.











I mad vat patun. (I made that pattern – Jude)











J foo jude. (J for Jude – Jude)











Me and  Jude with feathers, we found them and dipped them in the water then we brushed them and put them in cracks on dry mud. (Cana)



‘Jumping in Muddy Puddles’ by Cana and Mummy

It’s been so wet recently, the children have been cooped up inside far too much. Yesterday afternoon, after yet another rainy day in Birmingham, it suddenly cleared up so we seized our opportunity, put on our wellies and ventured out to the muddiest, puddliest place I could think of. We splashed in all the puddles (well, they did, not me), squelched through all the muddy bits (and there were lots) and fell on our faces a few times (well, Mae did it lots of times but didn’t seem to mind at all, Jude did it once and did mind a lot, but luckily we were almost back at the car by that point). The children absolutely loved it, and it goes to show that the best things in life are free. At one point, while blissfully leaping into a pool of muddy water, Cana yelled, “This is much better than Disneyland!” Not that they’ve ever been to Disneyland, then I would have been a bit annoyed, but as we’re not likely to go in the near future I felt rather pleased instead. 

catching flies

at the end of the path, the reservoir, and some ducks, or “cack cacks” as Mae calls ’em

“I have no intention of holding your hand mummy, leave me alone”

“Mummy, look – chocolate boots!”

Cana did some writing about our walk today on the computer and here it is:

On Tuesday  I went to a really muddy place. The muddy’st  place in the world I  think! And me Jude and Mae where splashing and sploshing  and if we saw a puddle we would run to it and splash in it, And Mummy had to keep saying ,don’t splash me! And when we were there we saw a river that looked like a tooth-timer! And a little water-fall. And we saw trator-wheel  prints,and ducks. And we all got mud all over us,all  except mummy when we got to the car mummy got all our clothes that were wet off and gave me her  jumper and  gave Jude and Mae a blanket each. Mummy had taken Mae’s dress off, and took all Jude’s clothes off except his pants and vest, and she took all my clothes off except my knickers and vest. And when we got home mummy carried us in and we had a nice hot bath, and then we had rice and mince and vegtebels for tea.