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Uncle Arthur’s Visit – by Cana (age 5yrs, 8mnths)









My uncle came to visit and he came from Auststralea.

I was shy at first but then I was not shy.

I am playing with my uncle Athor  we liked playing together , at home.









I am watching  Jude do a chrismas play. With uncle Athor and Daddy and Mae. Next  Door  to Jude’s Nusery.        Jude was a shepherd,











Uncle Aurthuor  playing with Mae,at home.  He play had a play fight with me and Jude and when he had a play fight with me he pretended to punch me in the tummy.









We went to the restront I had a drink of lemonade. I was in a colouring compertishun  and I did a really good picture.









Uncle Authour and Jude are at Cornerstone. With Daddy and Mummy and Me  and Mae. We were playing Peter-Pan on  Jude’s birthday .I was Wendy, Mae was tinkerbell and Uncle Arthur  was captin Hook.









We went to Webs to see the christmas lights. On Christmas. Then we went in the shop and we saw toy polar bears moving. And we saw water stachos and to reindeers and they were reel. And fish and Grufflo things.









We were sad wen Uncle Aurthur had to go to the airport  we are saying good bye. My favret thing  was to go on his phone. And wen we were at cornerstone  I stole his phone from him! But I like him more.