Monthly Archives: November 2011

Bonfire night (by Cana, age 5yrs, 5 months)










On Saturday me and Jude went to look at a bonfire, in a filed. It was dark the fire was going in Judes eyes.











Me and Jude looking at a big bonfire and they made it out of wood   and  matches.there was a  man  juggling  fire!and he droped  some











me eating a chocolate-apple!  And it tasted delishes.












Mummy and Jude watching the fireworks.  Jude is closing   his  eyes   because  firework   bits  were going in his eyes!









Daddy and Mae looking at the fire-works.  Mae was laughing because she thaut it was funny!









I made this picture out of the picture is fire-works.we saw thes  at  the  bonfire night.they looked like this.



Trip to the opticians – by Cana, age 5 years, 5 months.











I am  on a bus going to norfild.

















I am at the opticians, at  norfild.











I am siting in a chair.  In a waiting room.











I    am on a chair, so the man can sort  my eyes     but   he   said   my   eyes are perfect!  The man is an optician.











I am waring some funny kind of glasses.











I am drinking  a slush puppie. At  sainsburys.











I am drinking a slush puppie on the way back from  saisburys. On the bus!