Hanbury Hall – by Cana (aged 5yrs 4mnths)

This is me and Jude by the  gates. Do you know why we are there? We are there bicuse Jude’s god-mother took us.

We are being an angel and a lion. we liked the stacho so much we wanted to be just like it. I was the angel and  Jude was the lion,

this is me Jude Danyul and mae,

Jude writing with an old pen that they used in the old  days, the pens name is a qilt.

I am next to a fire place that  they used in the old days. They used fires bicus they din’t have electrisute,

us playing  a qeschun game, it was a game about what we wanted I chose  I  wanted Daddy  to make  me a stachou of my face.

Me and  Jude by the cot, there are lots of  froks round the cot. froks are dresses but it is shorter name. little

Childrun  use to were them. they  had  to were them bicus  then they wood not  have  ene  cothes at all!

I am standing   by the spoons   forks   and niffs. Do you no why?  Because   they   have   different   food evre time

They eat!

I am playing a game I can’t remember what the name was, of the game was. Do you no how you played? Well you

Tried too get the ball in the little hach –way if you do you give a cheer if you don’t give a drop of a teer run down your cheek.

Me and Jude by the flowers,


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2 responses to “Hanbury Hall – by Cana (aged 5yrs 4mnths)

  • uknelly

    ha ha ha!! that is so funny about the croquet and the niffs and forks!! love it =) i wish micah would just write like this. he hates to write b/c he doesn’t want to spell words wrong!

    • helenshomeschool

      I don’t tell her they’re spelt wrong, unless it’s a word she had already learnt, like ‘any’. So she never knows and I just praise how well she’s sounded things out. It’ll be interesting if Jude will do it tho as I think he doesn’t like to do things unless he’s totally sure.

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