Fun Fair – by Cana (age 5yrs 2mnths)

I went to the fun fair I rode on 7 rides.

Me zooming on the rockits, I was with Daddy and Jude.


The car went up and down Jude crid like a silly baby


I went on the bus the reel name of the bus was a carsel. (carousel)


I went in the teletubbies car.


I went in the mermad ship.


The bownsee casle was bownsee.

The bownsee slide was fun I have to climb up a speshul ladder.

The candee floss was yumee it made me think of a bid. ( beard)



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3 responses to “Fun Fair – by Cana (age 5yrs 2mnths)

  • karen

    Wow can Cana really write like that? That is fantastic, Rachel is 5y 5m and can write her name and Mummy and Daddy, I know they are all different but that is amazing.

    I am so impressed by you juggling home schooling and work, super mum indeed!!!!! It’s wierd I have been doing the total opposite with Rachel and not teaching her anything formal unless she asks to, I was trying not to be the teacher mum but maybe I’ve gone too far the other way now.

    K x

    • helenshomeschool

      well to be fair, I think she’s just really keen. She started asking when she was about 3. I do do quite a bit with her but only in little bursts. Two or three short five minute sessions in the day when I’m at home. She learnt to read really quickly and is quite fluent now so she’s kind of teaching herself. Jude is not so keen at all but we’ve started on CVCs with him now, he’ll probably learn to read by the time he’s 25!

  • Azlin Bloor

    Hi Cana, looks like you had a fantastic time! Wish we were there!
    I homeschool all my kids too, like your mummy does with you! I’ve got a 5 year old daughter too but she’s going to be 6 quite soon! We look forward to more exciting news from you and mummy! xxx Lin

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