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Sarehole Mill

Sarehole mill (Moseley, Birmingham)

Sarehole mill (Moseley, Birmingham)

We went to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery last week for Cana’s “trip” day as she wanted to go there but I had to go online and find out about more places to visit. Settled on Sarehole Mill in Moseley for this Tuesday, mainly because I knew where it was and Christian said we could get the number 11 bus (he had the car for Jude’s nursery run). So off we went, Cana, Mae and Mummy (after fortifying ourselves at the Elim Church coffee morning with a large slice of coffee cake). Mae was tired and was howling angrily at this point, but thankfully fell asleep at the bus stop and only woke up as we arrived at the beautiful mill.

Cana making leaf flowers while I fed Mae cheese sandwiches

Cana making leaf flowers while I fed Mae cheese sandwiches

After our picnic, which Cana had made, we had a look around. It was really quiet but there were a few child-friendly signs with opening flaps and Cana seemed to be enjoying it in a sedate way. When we went into the shop to pay for going into the downstairs bit of the mill the man said he would set the wheel going for us which was BRILLIANT.

Suddenly the water was spurting in from the pond and this giant wheel begins turning, Cana LOVED it! We went back upstairs to see the buckets filling to turn the wheel and then a lady who worked there showed us a room we  could go in and have a look at some of the farm implements (not that thrilling for a 5 yr old, or 34 yr old come to that) but there were also dressing up clothes. I cannot say how much fun we had but I did have to promise Cana I would make her a dress and bonnet for her dressing up trunk before she would take the outfit off.

dressing up...

dressing up…

sun bonnet - a trifle large but she thought it was wonderful

sun bonnet – a trifle large but she thought it was wonderful

Things went from good to better after that. The same lady showed Cana some flour and let her sift it to feel the different grades. Then in another room there was an actual handmill she could try out. We had a look at the bake room which wasn’t as impressive after the water wheel but when she got home she drew a picture of the round loaf she saw in there so she must’ve been taking it all in. There were even some old fashioned games set up in the courtyard to try – rope hooplah and wooden boules.

When we got home I had some work to do while Mae was asleep and Cana went to her desk and was drawing away with her felt-tips, then she came to show me what she’d done. I told her to label her drawings so everyone could see what she’d drawn. I showed her the photos I’d taken on my phone and she wanted to draw her “old-fashioned clothes”. I have promised we will make some real bread (instead of in the bread-maker as we do normally) so she can see all the work that had to go into it so we’re planning to do that tomorrow.

Sarehole mill – 10/10!

Cana's drawing (I suggested the labels)

Cana’s drawing (I suggested the labels)



Off we go…

June 2011

Well Cana has just turned 5 and is due to finish nursery in a few weeks so I thought I better start getting into a bit of a routine with her homeschooling stuff. As I will be working 3 days a week then her and daddy will have to organise themselves. My plan is to set up a routine she will get into over the summer that will be practically self-manageable, or at least, need very little interference from us.

At school we use visual timetables and as I’m a very visual person I thought it would suit me and give Cana a bit of ownership too. The idea is that she can choose which of the 5 activities she wishes to do on that day, as long as they all get done in that week. There are also 3 activities she needs to do everyday, but perhaps only for a few minutes.

our visual timetable board

our visual timetable board


I have decided to start a blog as a record of our homeschooling adventures. Hopefully Cana (and the other children as they grow) will enjoy contributing and it may even inspire other parents to give it a go as well. So, as a celebration of the good times I’m anticipating…